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List of Modules and Status Thereof

Module Name Module Status
logging (liblog) alpha, basic logging done, no advanced features, requires hacking.
pantyline (libpantyline) basic commands, only via dcc, telnet to be added asap.
friends (libfriends) pre-alpha, ross left me with a basic skeleton, nothing definite, requires hacker. handles auto-op'ing, auto-voicing etc. (update(23/02/01): now ops owners OnJoin and OnChannelTalk: limiting delegated to liblimiter)
calculator (libcalc) does basic prefix, postfix and infix calculations. i.e. one operator and two operands.
weather (libweather) nothing done, anyone interested? module reports on weather throughout the globe.
limiter (liblimiter) channel limiter, sets the channel join limit to n above the current amount of users.
file server (libfileserv) DCC file server. nothing done, anyone interested?
scripting support (libscripting) Support for perl and python scripts. Nothing done as of yet, anyone interested?

If you are interested in coding a module, suggesting a module or just contributing, please join the mailling list and bring it up there.

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